Refurbished Lamps

I think these Lamps came out really nice and it cost me $20.00 to do. I used Valspar chalk paint in the colors white for the body of the Lamps and black for the base. I also used 150 grit sandpaper to take the shine off the Lamps before I started and wiped any dust with a damp rag. Then I taped what I did not want to get paint on and started spraying. Make sure you do this outside or in a well ventilated area. You need two coats and let it dry between coats. Take the tape off. Once they are dry take a piece of sandpaper and lightly rub different areas of the body to give it that antique look. Put new shades on and there you have it 2 really cool Lamps. Let me know what you think. Leave me a comment. Subscribe and Share this video and don’t forget to come back. ❤️






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