How to get rid of sore Muscles.


Hey, have you have you ever had sore muscles from either working out ,gardening or ripping up a tile floors? Well, look no further. I got something for you. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to take pain medications. So when I hurt my shoulder and thought I tore my rotator cuff. I was in so much pain every day. I couldn’t even lift my arm ,wondering how I can make it better or hoping it would get better by itself and it hadn’t. I was looking for something to use naturally and or organically. While it didn’t work immediately. Over the course of two weeks it’s slowly stopped hurting as much but everyday it hurt less and less and finally got better. I know you’re probably thinking “yeah right”. I promise you , it worked. Try it . It can’t hurt ,doesn’t cost that much and if it doesn’t work,the only thing you’ve lost is a short amount of time and have softer skin in that area. What you’re going have to do is put this oil rub on twice a day. Morning and Night.  What your going to need is jojoba oil and lemongrass oil and a container to put it in, so you can use it now and in the future. I’m not a Doctor and I don’t claim to be one. You should always check with your doctor before putting anything on your skin or ingesting anything. I’m letting you all know what worked for me. Check it out and try it. Let me know what you think! Leave me a comment and share this blog post.

Directions: Take what ever container your going to use. I use a jojoba bottle that was half full of jojoba oil about 2 ounces and added 15-20 drops of lemongrass oil. Shake it gently until you feel like its mixed. Rub it on your sore muscles for a few minutes. The lemon smell is very refreshing. Do this until your muscles stop hurting and please leave me a comment and share. Thank you.

~ Sharon ~❤️





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    Bruce Terrelonge

    Works great

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