How to find a Doctor or Dentist that you are compatible with.

Have you ever gone to a new doctor that someone referred you to only not be compatible with the doctor? Then you feel stuck. Well I’m here to say No you’re not stuck.

You can now schedule what they call a meet and greet. You call the doctors office that you are thinking about going to and make an appointment to interview the doctor so to speak. You are not bound to them and they aren’t bound to you. Just as you are interviewing them they to are interviewing you. You call the doctors office say something like”I’d like to make an appointment to establish myself with the doctor”. They give you a 15-30 appointment. I think you really know if your compatible in the first 10 minutes of meeting a person. This way if it isn’t going to work then nothing lost and your insurance company won’t have a problem with it. It’s best if you are comfortable with the person whom you will in trust your health and well being to. I went to a doctor whom I met for the first time and within five minutes of talking to him I knew he was not a match for me. This also applies to dentists. Never feel like you are stuck with any physician or dentist that you aren’t comfortable with. You have a say in who cares for you, just don’t be rude. Another way of finding out more about the doctor or dentist your thinking of seeing is check out the reviews on Physicians and Dentists by using there you will be able see how people like you and I grade the doctors and dentist. Don’t just use that though. Make an appointment and meet them yourself. Not everyone is a match. Find out for yourself.

Let me know how it works out. Leave a comment.






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