Keeping Your Belongings Safe While On A Beach Vacation🏖🏝

Often times when we go on vacation we bring some of our expensive things with us and it either gets stolen or lost. Well I’m going to tell you some of the things I do to keep my things safe.

1 Cellphones are big ticket items that I’m sure you would rather keep. I bring a water tight bag that I got on amazon GoBackTrail WATERPROOF POUCH SET – Includes 2 Large Heavy Duty Dry Pouches plus 4 Bonus Valuable Bags – Adjustable Waistband – For Men, Women or Kids – Protect Cash, Credit Cards, Keys Smartphones

It’s also good for money and the keycard for your room.

2 If you bring a camera only bring it out when you know that your likely to use it. Cameras are great to have but a hassle if you have to worry about it. Otherwise lock it in the safe along with your passport.

3 The safest place for your money is in the safe. Don’t bring it out unless you think you may need to buy something. If your at an all inclusive place then you really don’t need to bring it out.

Have a safe vacation 😊







One response to “Keeping Your Belongings Safe While On A Beach Vacation🏖🏝”

  1. pujarinimitra Avatar

    I like the waterproof pouch. I always struggle with keeping my belongings dry on the beach.

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