It’s that time of year when everyone is going on in beach vacations. We’ve all been there. You don’t wanna over pack but you don’t wanna under pack ,so I have a few tips that will make packing much easier.

Tip number one: when trying to decide what you’re wearing for the evenings. I suggest summer dresses, especially if you’re going to someplace warm. You really can’t go wrong with a summer dress.You may want to bring a couple of pairs of dress shorts and a couple of dress blouses. This will all depend on how long you’re staying for. A little dressy blouse with some shorts and heels I think it’s a perfect little combo that looks put together.If your going for 7 days my rule is 5 outfits for evenings because your not going to be going out fancy every night. For those casual night you may wanna wear a Teeshirt and shorts.😉

Tip number two: summer tops are so easy to roll and pack and so are shorts. I find that your clothes have less wrinkles when you roll them. That’s right I roll my dresses and blouses also.

Tip number three: my advice is to take three pairs of shoes. One pair of flip-flops, one pair of heels, and one pair of flat comfy sandals. I only packed two pairs and wear the third pair.

Tip number four: make sure you put your bathing suit, cover up, a towel and some sunscreen along with a hat in your carry-on. This is to ensure that if you can’t check in right away you at least have your bathing suit and a towel and you can hang out on the beach or by the pool while waiting for check-in.

Tip number five:

On beach vacations I wear very little makeup. I just use mascara in the evenings. It really depends on my mood.Then I bring the essentials and I’m good to go.

I hope this is helpful and if you have anything to add to this please leave a comment and let us know.. we are all here to help one another. Have a Great Vacation😊






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