Four Things That Keep Your Hair Healthy After Highlights or Color.

1 Try not to wash your hair everyday. It take the oils out of your hair which your hair needs after peroxide depletes you hair of natural oils.

2 I use coconut oil on my scalp and throughout my hair once a week. I like to do this on Saturday night and leave it in overnight.

3 Use heat protectant on your hair before blow drying and flat iron and curling iron.

4 Wear a hat or some kind of scarf when you’re out in the sun and put hair conditioner in your hair before you go into chlorine or saltwater.

This is just what I do. Tell me what you do. Leave me a comment.


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One response to “Four Things That Keep Your Hair Healthy After Highlights or Color.”

  1. Fraser&CoDesign Avatar

    Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have to try some of these!

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