What do you think?

I just wanted to take this time to get to know you all a little bit. Like who am I posting for. I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a little while now and I’m not sure how I’m doing. With a little help from my reader I can find out what type of content are you looking for? What would you like to know about me? Here are a few things I’d like to know about you. Where are you from? I’m from New York. What do you do for a living? I’m a nurse for Neurosurgeons. I love to help people. That is how this blog came together. I want to help as many people as I can in this life. Do you have children? I have 3 sons I gave birth to and 4 sons that I was blessed to call me mom from my husband. They are all grown up. Do you have any animals? I have 2 silky Yorkies. Do you like home remedies? I love them and have plenty to share. Do you read? I love to read. Tell me your favorite books. This is rather short but I want to learn a little about you all and what I can do to help you. Leave your email address and I will let you know when I post something you might be interested in. Mine is mstee831aol.com. Help me to help you all.

Sharon ~❤️





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