Lose Weight Fast and Keep it Off

I use to struggle with my weight. I never was able to put it on and I’m sure you’re thinking “this is not what I thought it was about ” hold on because as soon as I became pre menopausal that’s when I couldn’t get rid of it. I had this stubborn belly fat that drove me crazy. I didn’t mind having the extra weight every where else though. Shoot it looked good. Lol. I did sit ups, crunches even rode my bike. Nothing seemed to work. Then I started investigating different options. I drank green juices and apple cider vinegar and although they suppressed my appetite I knew I needed more so I read and searched for more options and here is what I came up with Ceylon cinnamon is excellent for burning fat but it also good for your arteries. Don’t believe me go look it up. So I started drinking a cup of cinnamon tea daily and I started to see a difference. Then I started dancing like a fool. You know if you’ve ever been on social media you’ve seen people dancing some pounds off. Well that’s what I started doing for about 10 minutes or about 3-songs. Along with that I stopped eating sugar and then cut out most carbs. Now notice I said most. Lol. Sounds hard but after a week of no sugar it gets easier and you will notice a huge difference of how you feel. You will have more energy and you won’t feel weighed down. In 6-8 months I lost almost 10 pounds. I sometimes gain a pound or two back but then I lose it. It ain’t easy but anything that’s worth it is never easy. I hope this helped. Leave me a comment and tell me your weight struggles.







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