This is a New Year, a new You! I hope you all have a healthy happy New Year. I ended 2019 with another new product I’ve been trying out. Its called Skinny fit Super Youth, Multi Collagen with peptides. Types of collagen~~~~> 1,2,3,5 and 10

Let’s face it as we age our skin loses elasticity and our joints and bones become stiffer and more brittle. We aren’t getting nearly enough collagen in our diet so we need to supplement with a grade A collagen to support the needs. Not only that but as I said in an older post about a different type of collagen, Collagen is good for gut health and keeps reflux from happening.The reason why this is called skinny fit is because while it helps support bone and joint health, you will be able to move around more to lose the unwanted pounds. I encourage you to try it and see how you feel.

Disclaimer; Before trying this product or any other supplements, you should check with your health care provider.

Joint and Bone support plus glowing skin and it’s excellent for hair and nails. Fights signs of aging with one scoop to increase your skins elasticity and hydration, and helps support cell regeneration, which help smooth out skin.

Since it is a new year, I can tell you that I will be more present on this page trying new and different things. I hope that you all are will to take the journey with me as I grow and change.

Thanks for always stopping by and showing love and support!


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