Hey Everyone!!

I know it’s a crazy time for us all. Especially me, I’m in the health care field and it’s no joke. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t even want to turn the television on because I’m so sick of hearing about Covid 19 and at the same time I want to be informed about how they are managing it. So I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I continue to do all the things I post, to keep myself healthy. I’m surprised how many people just aren’t taking this seriously. I want to shake them and show them people of all walks of life that are fighting for their lives. Even my own children ask me how serious this is? I tell them it’s no joke. I can’t tell people enough to wash your hands. Keep your hands off your face and stay home where you are the safest.

So what is everyone doing while quarantined? I know those of you that have children need to home school them, so my question to that is how long did it take to come up with a routine? Is everyone adapting well? What are some of the things you do when your bored? What is everyones mind set? When do you think this will be over? I’m going to log in everyday and write a short something so I feel connected with you all. I am ever so grateful for each and everyone of you.

I respect you all and I think if we stay together and talk to one another we can stand strong as a unit. I will always be here to chat or show you things I’ve learned or just show you some of my photos I’ve taken. Again I’m blessed and Grateful for you all. Please give me some feed back and let me know where your from. I’ll write back.







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