1, at this great gift idea.. With so many people on TIK TOK it’s a know brainer and inexpensive too!!

2, $50.00 gift card.

3, boys/men in your life.

4, Mens Carhart hats

5, Fire stick tv remote

6, Foam and Wash gift cards

7, Baked Cookies and the super markets have made it relatively easy just get the tube of cookies and slice and Bake and there you have it. you don’t even have to be a baker to do it.

8, If your crafty, Walmart and Target have big selections of crafts to do on a budget.

9, Supermarkets also have gift cards a plenty for everyone on your list.

10, If you want any other ideas let me know. leave a comment and let me know what your looking for.

Check this out!!! I love Torre! She always finds the Deals and Steals


~~~~~~> Sharon <~~~~~~


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