Study Smarter not Harder.

Do you feel overwhelmed when it’s time to study for a test? Well, fear no more. With school starting I’m about to show you different ways I use to study that currently work for me. Lets start by skimming the chapter and writing down any italicizes words because most times those words are important and stand out for a reason. Then you should write all key terms. Include people that may have made a point. Teachers want to know that you paid attention to those kinds of things. Once you’ve done this , read the notes you’ve taken on the italic words and key terms also the people who made points. First read it to yourself and then read it out loud as if you were reading to someone. You could even read to your dog or cats. Lol. Do this for 2 days before the test and the morning of the test skim the chapter one last time. Don’t look at it again. Read your notes one last time in the morning and put it away. Don’t look at it before the test. You got this. Try it and tell me how it works for you. Leave me a comment. Share it with your friends. Thank you.







One response to “Study Smarter not Harder.”

  1. Bruce Terrelonge Avatar
    Bruce Terrelonge

    Your a smart LADY ; And yes it works …… 🤗


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